Scott Newman

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Bob Wienholt


Sean Bright


Leadership Team

Rob Johnson

SVP, Global Operations

Marilyn Soares

VP, Client Services

Peter Fischer

VP, Network Security and Infrastructure

Jason Sterns

VP, Business Development

Jon Williams

Director of Operations

Amy Gearhart

Director of Finance

Lennie Leslie

Director of Human Resources

Pat Ricken

Director, Training, QA and Leadership Development

Operations Team

Audralee Enriquez

Recruiting Assistant & Marketing Officer

Karen Crawford


Christine Fonseca

Training Manager

Damaris Bradley

Mentor Manager

Casey Quertermous

Client Services Manager

Matt Lahm

Client Services Manager

Stephanie Bronner

Client Services Manager

Anna Acosta

Sr. Operations Manager

Stephanie Guerra

Sr. Operations Manager

April Todd

Operations Manager

Sasha Hope

Operations Manager

Tyron Gladden

Operations Manager

Brandon Williams

Systems Administrator

Francis Chan

Network Administrator

Edward Tonini

Elearning/LMS Developer